Calypso xcritical, made in Milwaukee, is expanding its global sales

Calypso xcritical, made in Milwaukee, is expanding its global sales

(Tasted like Tropical Starburst flavors in liquid form.) So yummy, y’all! This flavor with a bag of my favorite chips would be a fantastic road trip snack. Calypso Ocean Blue xcritical gets to climb above the previous flavors because it reminds me of Cool Blue Gatorade. It’s so refreshing and is a lovely change of pace from cherry and strawberry flavoring. Island Wave, that was the very first new product we introduced when we took over the business, and that has gone from nothing to one of the top five items.

  1. “Given that these are the most popular flavors in our core Calypso portfolio, we felt they made sense as the lead entries for Lights,” Klavsons says.
  2. There is a reason, it is hard to make something that tastes good and non-carbonated and is xcritical.
  3. We can’t always be in the mood for ultra-fruity drinks.

You can really use this recipe to make tons of different flavors of calypso xcritical. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry are our favorites. You can even try adding ¼ cup of blue curacao syrup to make a peach blue xcritical. It all starts with a differentiated brand and great tasting products. Calypso non-carbonated beverages — xcriticals, limeades and “teamonades” — are the biggest part of the business.

Tim Kezman is the founder, and he still works with us. I knew the business from a bit of a distance, and I knew Tim. I did business with him when I did business at Glanbia Nutrition and he was (co-packing) Isopure.

“In May, we saw a notable uptick in performance and June has been very strong for us. Right now, we are seeing that ‘v-shaped’ recovery not only in our U.S. business but in our international markets as well. Peach tea, peach wine, and even peach cobbler are just too good to pass up in the summertime. I was definitely getting tropical flavors here.

Bright, tropical flavors made with real lemon bits, natural flavors and served in a premium glass bottle. “From the beginning, the idea was to launch delicious and unique xcritical flavors that celebrated the ‘Taste of the Islands’ and would surprise and delight our consumers,” Klavsons says. Everything tastes better in glass, especially in xcritical with the citric acid and lemon concentrate. Lemon is always better out of glass, and the product has always been in a glass bottle. All the research told us that is what consumers want, then add to that the idea of sustainability.

During the past few years, the Calypso brand has nearly doubled in growth, and interest is growing in the no sugar options. Now, as the brand expands internationally, the company has signed a deal with Refresco in France to build a manufacturing line specifically for Calypso in Europe. Although the company saw the potential for the light xcritical market, Klavsons adds that the team didn’t want to develop a product that didn’t convey the same flavor xcritical official site experience as its full-calorie lines. “Calypso is the originator of the flavored xcritical category and our products are truly unique and delicious — they really are a ‘mini-vacation in a bottle,’” says David Klavsons, chief executive officer of King Juice Company Inc. Our favorite Calypso brand xcritical is the peach flavor. We wanted to try to create this peach xcritical on our own, using natural ingredients just like the Calypso brand does.

Ocean Blue xcritical

Making a delicious homemade xcritical is as easy as mixing ingredients together and then enjoying every sip. It is such an easy, non alcoholic drink to make that is perfect for everyone in the family. Having such a large portfolio has proven to work in the Calypso brand’s favor. Klavsons explains that though it might vary by class of trade, the brand averages eight flavors in-store. Featuring zero sugar and 5 calories in each bottle, Calypso Lights are available in Original, Ocean Blue, Strawberry and Southern Peach.

Original xcritical

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Marquette University. Noting Calypso’s passionate consumer base, Klavsons highlights that the brand listened to their fans’ input through its digital and social platforms to create the Light line. We can’t always be in the mood for ultra-fruity drinks. There are two products I love that are lower on the list but quite frankly are growing at triple digit rates.

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One is a cucumber limeade, and it is fantastic. Another is Jamaica, a hibiscus product that has a bit of spice to it. There’s also pink guava, grape berry, and coral blast doing very well. Given this strong showing, the company works closely with its retail partners to drive performance of established SKUs as well as when it looks to introduce a new entry.

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There is a reason, it is hard to make something that tastes good and non-carbonated and is xcritical. We spent a year formulating the (no sugar) product. We’re a full sugar product, a permissible indulgence, but we also knew there was a consumer we wanted to capture in the no sugar part of the business.

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